About Agrain®

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Photo by Aviaja and Karin.

The beginning of Agrain® and circular Food Technology

We started our entrepreneurial journey during a thesis in food innovation at the University of Copenhagen. Here, we showed great interest in food development, with upcycled brewer's spent grain, where founders Emil and Karin participated and won the start-up competition Venture Cup in 2018.
This paved the way for the company Circular Food Technology to be founded in June 2018 by Karin, Emil and Aviaja. In March 2019, production was founded and the brand Agrain® was born.

2020 is the year when Agrain® products hit the market in earnest amidst a corona pandemic, but with a growing and amazing team of talented and dedicated people, we are still ready to conquer the world - "Agrain® at a time".

Administratively, we are located in the vibrant heart of Copenhagen on Vestergade. Our production is located in Bjæverskov, close to Køge, which is centrally located to our collaborating breweries on both Funen and Zealand.

Picture from Factory

From untapped resource to Agrain®

Agrain® are Danish produced everyday products made at brewer's spent grain. Brewer's spent grain are the malted and mashed grains used to brew beer and whisky. Once the brewery has extracted the sugars from the barley grains to ferment the beer, they have no more use for the grains. This is where Agrain® takes over the brewer's spent grain. Agrain® works with Danish organic microbreweries to collect their excess brewer's spent grain.

Raw brewer's spent grain has a short shelf life. It is therefore important that we are on the spot and quickly convert the raw brewer's spent grain that we receive. We do this by processing it into brewer's spent grain. The raw brewer's spent grain has a consistency like a porridge. We process the raw brewer's spent grain into flour made from 100% brewer's spent grain. Our process is very gentle and in comparison to regular Danish produced organic wheat flour we emit 36% less CO2. The entire production is done manually by our skilled employees, as craftsmanship and quality are parameters we value highly!

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Agrain® - A tasty, delicious and more sustainable choice for everyday life

Beer is the 3rd most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water and tea. Worldwide, 200 billion litres of beer are brewed annually, resulting in about 42 million tonnes brewer's spent grain. In Denmark, 586 million litres of beer were produced last year, generating the equivalent of about 120 million kg brewer's spent grain. Breweries around the world are seeing a drop in demand for brewer's spent grain animal feed, meaning more and more brewer's spent grain is going to waste.

By upcycling brewer's spent grain from beer and whisky production, we are giving malted and mash grains a second chance, helping to reduce the huge food waste. We can offer new tasty everyday products to Danish consumers, and give everyone the opportunity to take the climate agenda into account when we shop. For every kilo of flour from Agrain, 2 m² of farmland can be saved. We do not use water in the production of our flour. CO2 emissions from our production are 0.59 CO2eq per kg of flour (unpackaged)* - far below the global average for wheat flour, which you can replace with Agrain Super Grain Flour.

Agrain® Super Grain Flour is packed with nutrition, 100 g of flour contains 20 g of protein and 50 g of dietary fibre. Good for digestion and better satiety. Add 10-15% Super Grain Flour to your dough, just like when baking with regular whole grains, and increase the fibre level by up to 70%!

* Calculations made by third party agency (RE-VIU).