Healthy January - YES to fibre & YES to protein

Anni Akinyi Nørlev, Cand.Scient. Tech. Integrated Food Studies & Personal Trainer

For many, the year begins with a New Year resolution about a healthier lifestyle. No to sugar - no to fat - no to empty carbs. "No, no, no"... However, dieting and restrictions rarely work for the majority of us - at least not in the long term. On the contrary, it has a larger effect if you can focus positively on the food that you actually can eat. The food which you can say "yes" to instead of "no". So let's start the new year by saying YES.

YES to fibre

Fiber is good for many things, but first and foremost it's good for you. And isn't it nice to think about yourself once in a while, now that you've been thinking about everyone else and buying Christmas presents for the entire family? If that's not the case, luckily there's plenty of other good reasons to get more fiber. 


My four favourite reasons to say YES to fibers:


→ Stable blood sugar: 

  • Fiber helps to slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates and the absorption of sugars, so fiber itself has a blood sugar-regulating effect - the body's blood sugar does not fluctuate much when fiber is consumed. 


→ Good for the heart: 

  • Studies show 40% lower risk of cardiovascular disease with a high fiber diet.


→ Weight loss: 

  • You get full faster and therefore eat smaller amounts of food.


→ Clean skin:

  • Cleaner skin through increased fiber intake has been documented in many studies.


YES to proteins:

Proteins are the building bricks in your body, so we need them! The world of proteins is complex and protein sources come in many varieties. Unfortunately, navigating this world is not easy either. E.g. protein drinks are loaded with sugar and other unsuitable additives.

I prefer to say YES to the pure protein product without additives such as Agrain® products. 


My four favourite reasons to say YES to proteins:


→ Building bricks of the body: 

  • Proteins are made up of amino acids and are the building bricks of the body. They help build the body and provide energy and who doesn't need a little energy in January.  


→ Feeling full:

  • Proteins fill you up well and for longer, reducing overeating and snacking that sometimes leads to weight gain.  


→ Formation of hormones:

  • Proteins are involved in the production of hormones which have a multitude of functions in the body and also affect our mood. Hormonal imbalance affects us negatively both physically and mentally. 


→ Formation of antibodies: 

  • Antibodies protect against diseases, infections and bacteria throughout the body. Especially during the winter months when we spend a lot of time indoors with others, it's a good idea to have a little extra protection against infectious diseases.  


I start the new year by saing YES and making concsious choices. 

Especially when I bake, I choose Agrain® Super Grain Flours in my baked goods to get more fiber and protein and thus achieve more of the above mentioned benefits.

Agrain® Super Grain Flour is packed with nutrition, 100 g of flour contains 20 g of protein and 50 g of dietary fibre, making it a good and easy source to get more protein and fibre in your baked goods.

YES please.