We only use organic brewer's spent grain from Danish microbreweries and distilleries. All our suppliers work with the best quality organic brewer's spent grain, and their quality and craftsmanship is reflected in the taste and nutritional value of the mash.


Braunstein is an organic microbrewery and distillery located in Køge's cozy inner harbour. Braunstein provides a regular range of popular beers with very different expressions, a range of classic seasonal beers to suit seasons and holidays, as well as a number of mightily popular enthusiast beers.

Nyborg Distillery

Nyborg Destilleri, located on Funen, produces organic gin, rom and whisky of the highest quality. When they develop new products, it is always with respect for tradition, but also with a desire to create something new and different.

Nørrebro Brewhouse

Nørrebro Brewhouse masters the traditional brewing method, while they at the same time manages to adapt their brew to the seasons and newest trends within brewing.

Ørbæk Brewery

Ørbæk Brewery has brewed and perfected their beer since 1906. Ørbæk beer is natural, organic and produced with ingredients of the highest quality.
Michael Rahbek
"It makes so much sense for us at Nørrebro brewery, to close the circle by using our spent grains (the surplus product from our malt) at Agrain, so it returns to the food chain. It gives me a good stomach feeling. "

Michael Rahbek,
Brewmaster Nørrebro Bryghus



Jalm&B is an organic artisan bakery in Copenhagen. At Jalm&B they do everything for the sake of taste. Their most important ingredient is time, as good taste cannot be rushed. Whether it's time to search for the perfect texture, time to long-bake to achieve a deeper flavour, or to make everything from scratch as authentic craftsmanship requires.


Kohberg is one of Denmark's largest bakeries. It was founded in 1955 by Alfred Kohberg in Bolderslev, where it is still located. Over the years, two more bakeries have been added, in Taastrup and Haderslev. Kohberg bakes everything from various breads to rolls and pastries - and it is always competent bakers who are behind it. It is still with Alfred Kohberg's love for good craftsmanship that they bake good bread for all of Denmark.