Samosas with Agrain® 02 IPA Super Grain Flour

Preparation time:

2-3 hours (including rest and baking time)

Skill level:



4 people



250 g wheat flour

50 g 02 IPA mask flour

1 dl. oil

1 dl. cold water

1 tsp coarse salt


1 onion

1 clove garlic

1 piece fresh ginger

2 baking potatoes

1/2 small cabbage

200 g minced chicken (can be omitted for vegetarian variant)

1 tray bean sprout




1-2 tsp Curry

1-2 Chilli flakes

1-2 Cumin

1-2 Dried coriander

1 tbsp fish sauce

3-4 tbsp soya (kikoman)

1 egg for brushing

Here's how


Mix the two flours thoroughly and salt in a bowl.

Add water and oil a little at a time and knead thoroughly until the dough is smooth and supple. Add more water if the dough is too dry – it may swing slightly depending on which flour you use.

Let the dough rest 1-2 hours in a cool place.


Finely chop the onion, garlic and ginger and swirl in the oil, along with about 1 teaspoon of each spice.

Add the chicken and swirl the meat thoroughly, add the fish sauce and soya.

Peel and cut the potatoes into small (1cm x 1cm) squares, and cook them lightly.

Add the boiled potatoes and finely-sn kicked cabbage and turn it all around well. When the cumin begins to become glossy, add bean sprouts.

Season with the remaining spices.


Roll out the dough thinly (2 mm approx.) and stick out round or square pieces.

Place a small top fill on the center of the dough pieces and close the edges against each other (choose to make squares should be closed as triangles). Press the edges together with a fork and place them on a baking sheet with baking paper. Brush the samosas with beaten egg.

Bake for 20 minutes v. 225C.

Serve the samosas with a crispy salad - for example, try cumin, avokado, apple and peanuts

Nutritional content

Energy, KJ
Energy, kcal
Fat, g
- of which saturated fatty acids, g,
Carbohydrate, g
- of which sugars, g,
Dietary fibre, g
Protein, g
Salt, g

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