Modern Rye Bread with Agrain® 03 Stout Super Grain Flour

Preparation time:

30 min (but should rise overnight in the fridge)

Skill level:



1 rye bread


1 L water

9 g dry yeast

30 g chia seeds 

250 g sourdough (preferably a thin 100% hydrated sourdough)

150 g Agrain® 03 Stout Super Grain Flour  

50 g cracked rye kernels

250 g Ølands-wheat flour/whole grain flour 

350 g rye flour/wholegrain flour

20 g salt

30 g hemp seed oil

50 g coarse rolled oats - could also be rye flakes

50 g sunflower seeds

50 g pumpkin seeds

20 g sesame seeds

20 g flaxseeds

Here's how

Day 1:

Mix water, yeast, chia seeds and sourdough in a large bowl. Mix it well so the chia seeds don't stick together. 

Add Agrain® 03 Super Grain Flour, cracked rye kernels, ølands-wheat flour, rye flour, hemp seed oil, oats as well as salt. Stir well, use a wooden spoon - for about 8-10 minutes. Add the kernels and continue mixing until the kernels are well distributed. The mixture should be sticky, soft and wet but not liquid. 

Rub oil or butter on the sides of a rye bread tin, fill it up 3/4 (if there's dough left, fill this in some small muffin tins). Garnish with grains and cover with plastic wrap. Let the bread rise for 2-5 hours on the kitchen table until it gets about 1/2 times larger (how fast your dough rises depends on the temperature in the kitchen as well as your sourdough). Once the bread has risen to the top of the tin, put it in the fridge leave it until the next day. Letting it sit in the fridge overnight makes the bread develop more flavor and the kernels absorb more luquid. 

Day 2:

Heat the oven to 175 degrees. Bake the bread for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, or until the bread has an internal temperature of 98 degrees. Remove the bread from the oven and out of the tin and place it on a rack to cool down.

Nutritional content

Energy, KJ
Energy, kcal
Fat, g
- of which saturated fatty acids, g,
Carbohydrate, g
- of which sugars, g,
Dietary fibre, g
Protein, g
Salt, g

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