Morning buns with Agrain® 04 Whisky Super Grain Flour

Preparation time:

8.5 hours (including rest/baking time)

Skill level:





12 grams yeast (1/4 part of a yeast packet of 50 grams)

8 dl water (tap cold water)

700 grams wheat flour

100 grams 04 Maskmel Whisky

1 tsp. coarse salt

1 tbsp honey

Here's how

Mix water and yeast.

Put the flour, salt and honey in and mix with a tables spoon in a bowl.

The dough is now somewhat lind- it should be.

Put the lid on and let the dough rest for about 6-8 hours refrigerated

Briefly stir in the dough and set with two tables spoons about 18 blobs as buns spread over two baking sheets with baking paper.

Turn on the oven at 220 degrees (210 degrees heat air) and bake the buns for about 16 - 18 minutes until golden and crisp.

This recipe is from"Benedictes Mad",which has been so sweet to give us a tip about the fast and delicious morning buns - thank you!

Nutritional content

Energy, KJ
Energy, kcal
Fat, g
- of which saturated fatty acids, g,
Carbohydrate, g
- of which sugars, g,
Dietary fibre, g
Protein, g
Salt, g

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