The easy rye bread without sourdough with Agrain® 03 Stout Super Grain Flour

Preparation time:

3 hours (including rest and cooking time)

Skill level:



1 rye bread


25g yeast

3 dl water

80 g sunflower seeds

60 g flaxseeds

200 g rye kernels

500g rye flour

120 g Agrain 03 Maskmel Stout

1/2 litre yogurt naturel

120 g wheat flour

12g salt

Here's how

Dissolve yeast and water

Add the kernels, flour and stir it together, if necessary, on the mixer

Leave the dough and rest at room temperature for 1 hour

Put the dough in a greased rye bread form (alternatively covered with baking paper) and leave to rise in the mould for 30 minutes

Brush with a little water on top and sprinkle with grains

Heat the oven to 200 degrees (hot air) - put the rye bread in the oven and immediately turn down to 160 degrees (hot air). Bake the bread in the oven for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Nutritional content

Energy, KJ
Energy, kcal
Fat, g
- of which saturated fatty acids, g,
Carbohydrate, g
- of which sugars, g,
Dietary fibre, g
Protein, g
Salt, g

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