the potential is enormous

Mask is one of the food industry's biggest side streams. Every year, breweries around the world dispose of more than 40 million tons of masks.

For every 100 liters of beer, the brewery produces 20 kg mask. This mixture of grain and water, rich in sustenance, could globally cover 8% of the food deficit estimated the world will face in just 8 years!

Today, masks are disposed of differently from country to country and from brewery to brewery. In Denmark, some masks are used for animal feed, elsewhere it is used for biogas, but in the vast majority of places in the world you do not have those options and the mask is discarded as waste.

Agrain® has identified a method of ama-growing that can be scaled up and down according to the brewery's needs, and in parallel with the development of delicious everyday products for the Danish market, we are working on long-term solutions that can help change global food systems so that the world's poorest can also benefit from this amazing resource.


2. Stop hunger
Mask is a nutritional supertanker, blubber filled with proteins and fibers. Mask is a global side stream. Beer is produced all over the world and there is always mask left over after beer production. We are focused on finding collaborations and partners in developing countries, with food shortages, so that we can up-cycle mask both at home and where hunger is already knocking on the door.

3. Health and trivlsel
All Agrain® products are developed with a focus on optimising the nutritional value of the food. Our primary focus is protein and fiber. In Denmark and the rest of the Western world, it is a big problem that our diet is low in fiber. Although we have the opportunity to eat everything well, the average Dane gets far too few fibers, 20 grams a day against the danish health board's recommended 25-35 grams.

More than 25% of the energy in Agrain® mask flour comes from protein, and is thus a very good plant-based alternative to animal protein, which many try to cut down on in their diet. At the same time, the processing process Agrain uses means that the proteins in our flour are sweet and tasty, and therefore there is no need to mask the taste with sugary ingredients like dates.

6. Clean water and sanitation
Up to 80% of the mask is water. However, the water has gone through a process in the brewery, and is therefore not immediately drinkable. However, we have found a solution to up-cycle also the water and reintroduce it into food. Our solution is unique and we have filed a patent application.

12. Responsible consumption and production
Agrain®s mission is to develop products that offer the consumer a better alternative, produced with respect for the environment and climate. All Agrain® products must be produced as far as possible with up-cycled ingredients. Our current production has a lower CO2 emissions than other fiber-rich ingredient productions, which include, among other things, Quinoa and Millet, and a significantly lower emmision than protein-rich products like meat, milk and eggs.
Agrain® focuses on reducing the loss of food and food resources before they reach retail and homes in the kitchens. 51% of the 1.6bn tonnes of food that are lost or thrown out annually come from the early part of the food value chain, which is why we believe this part of the problem is essential for us as a food producer to focus on.